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The beauty of qualitative research is that it uncovers the ‘why’ behind all of the consumers’ attitudes and actions. Determining the best methodology, the most relevant consumers to target and how best to interact with them assures your brand is making the most of their qualitative initiatives and budgets.



On Location

“I’ve worked with dozens of moderators through the years. I go back to Sandra because there is never any drama and always great results. Because she’s been on the client side and has past experience in quantitative research, she gets how qualitative works in concert with other business development. We work together to build the plan and then everything just comes together seamlessly. My clients ask for her by name and know they’ll get great results.”

Kelly Smith, Owner & Founder Thinkhaus Idea Factory

Customer Journey

The customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer from initial awareness to ongoing retention.
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Interact with the respondent in their home, at the chosen retailer, at their office or wherever fits the brand.
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User Experience

Your marketing and design team knows how they designed the product to work, but is that actually how the consumer uses it?
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New Product Design Development

It’s important to make sure that all aspects of the product prototype are explored to refine the prototype prior to quantitative testing or product launch.
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