Customer Satisfaction

What does it mean when 40% of respondents say they like a product or service in the survey results?

Quantitative counts and qualitative answers ‘why?’ This information is crucial to truly understanding the positives and negatives about a product or service.

The methodologies at SLK, Inc. ask the questions that probe for things that really stick out in the consumers’ minds. What are the feelings behind the 40%? What about the other 60% who aren’t interested? Is there something that can be modified? Getting to the true highs and lows helps the brand to identify ways to improve loyalty and weed out the noise. When it comes to customer satisfaction, there’s rarely a middle ground.

Past projects:

  • Credit card usage and reward programs for high value customers
  • Casino loyalty program designed for top players
  • Convenience store shopping experiences for on-the-go prepared foods
  • Feminine product brand satisfaction among young, active women