Strategic Concept & Brand Positioning Development

“Strategic development” is a fancy term for exploring new product, advertising, or brand positioning ideas with the following tactics:

  1. Listening to the consumer’s language about the product or service category as a whole and understanding their interaction with it
  2. Listening between the lines to hear what they love and hate about the category and any wishes they have for their interaction
  3. Exploring potential ideas that might attend to need gaps not currently being addressed
  4. Using the perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and opinions of consumers to gauge potential interest in the ideas

Consumers express their desires. It is our job as marketers to turn those desires and ideas into final products. Sometimes, that means aborting the original plan and concept statements to truly address the consumers’ need states. The SLK motto is to be ready for anything and make the discussion comfortable enough for respondents to speak the truth… not what they think is the correct response. In the analysis, sometimes the most glaring findings are the things that were not mentioned by the consumers!

Past projects:

  • Advertising exploration of a variety of categories from foods to financial products
  • Development of National Pro Sports Team Name, Logo and Merchandising image
  • Theme designs for new casino property within worldwide chain
  • Snack cake brand and advertising revitalization
  • Multimedia product development and in-store advertising campaign