Customer Segment Exploratory

How do different consumer bases view your product or service and how do you speak to them?

Obviously not all ages, nationalities, genders or other groups look at a product or service the same way. A snack food could appeal to Moms for one reason (convenience, nutritious) and to kids for another (cool shapes and fun to eat). People of different ages and ethnic backgrounds have indicated different interactions with all types of products.

The SLK strategy is to encourage marketing and sales professionals (i.e., clients) to listen as people first and marketing managers second. Sometimes the most lucrative target market is quite different from the managers working on the category or brand. From screening to questions that put the different respondent groups at ease, at SLK we strive to get into the buyer’s head and understand what motivates them.

Past projects:

  • Financial marketing for international banking, target to immigrants living in the USA
  • Heart attack awareness campaign among women for leading pain relief medication
  • Retail clothing line for fashion forward teens for national brand
  • Snack brand appeal among different attitudinal targets

“I knew Sandra was the right moderator when I watched her interact with some of our most affluent banking clients in one group and in the next, with customers who struggle with fees and lower balances. In both sessions she was quick to make them feel at ease – even talking about money! It’s a talent to build genuine rapport like that and dig beyond top of mind responses.  No matter who she’s speaking with, Sandra makes them feel comfortable and respected.” 

VP, Financial Planning